Replacement Cutting Heads Set Of 4 (XFine)

Replacement Cutting Heads Set Of 4 (XFine)

DC-Replacement Cutting Heads Set Of 4 For Easy Cut DC-Replacement Cutting Heads Set Of 4 For Easy Cut

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Insert cold tip of Easy Cutter Cutting Head into Root Canal. With the touch of a button, the end of the Easy Cut will cut within a second, with optimum precision and total comfort, without fear or anxiety for either the patient or the dentist: The Cordless Easy Cut is inserted into the mouth when it is cold and, and with a touch of a button the Tip Heats Instantly and trims off the excess gutta percha material. After Cutting Easy Cut is removed from the mouth when it is cold, all within seconds. No need for open flame or assistance. Long lasting, rechargeable power handle with charge indicator light stores on compact recharging base. Interchangeable Flaxible Cutting Heads come in four sizes: Large, Medium, Fine, XFine and are fully autoclavable. Power handle may be surface disinfected Select Size when ordering Replacement Cutting Heads. Easy Cut Gutta - Percha Devise is an indispensable device for every Dental Office and Dental Clinic. This ingenious product puts an end to the need to use the primitive Bunsen Burner.

Instantaneous Operation, Precise Cut, Cordless Operation, Rechargeable battery, 4 Interchangeable Flexible Cutting Heads -- included with set., FDA registered, Special Gutta-Percha Easy Removal Cutting Heads, Eliminates the possibility of Burns, o need to use Flame, No need for an Assistant, Light weight, INCLUDE: Cordless Handle DevCordless Handle Devise, 4 Heads: Large, Medium, Fine, XFine, Recharging base