Replacement Set Of 5 Ears

Replacement Set Of 5 Ears

Supplimental Set 4 Ears LF-01020UG Supplimental Set 4 Ears LF-01020UG

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The Ear Examination Simulator makes it possible to practice Examination of the Human Ear. Highly detailed, realistically specially molded to exactly simulate External and Internal physical appearance and dimensions, the plug-in Removable Ears are easily changed. Life-Size full-color prints on film, embedded at the tympanic membrane, provide the same realistic views experienced with a live patient. Realistic "Irrigation, Cleaning" training exercises are possible to perform, with two tubes of Earwax imitation that are provided with the Ear Simulator. The lifelike, flexible texture of the ears requires the same manipulation when using the Otoscope as required on a live patient. Model includes: Normal Tympanic Membrane, Mucoid Otitis Media, Serous Otitis Media with Fluid level, Chronic Otitis Media With Perforation, Normal Tympanic Membrane With Slanted Eat Canal (all photos embedded), Normal Ear Without Photo for Earwax Removal Exercise, Two Tubes of Synthetic Earwax, A Set of Nine 35mm. Slides, Instructions, and hard Carring Case. A Supplementary Spare Set of Five Ears is available - optional; for Advanced Nursing and Medical Schools Training. Ear Examination Simulator used in Nursing and Medical Schools, Hospitals, Hearing aid Laboratories, Pharmaceuticals....

Replacement Set of Five Ears Includes:

  • Chronic Otitis Media with large perforation (photo imbedded)
  • Attic Cholesteatoma (A) (photo imbedded)
  • Attic Cholesteatoma (B) (photo imbedded)
  • Atelectatic Middle Ear Otitis and Tympanosclerosis (photo imbedded)

Three Year Warranty