Replacement  Teeth

Replacement Teeth

NPRB3305 Replacement 28 Teeth NPRB3305 Replacement 28 Teeth

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Most popular for Tooth Extraction Practicing, Hygiene Training Combo Model with pink gingivae, Included: 28 Anatomically Rooted Removable Teeth, DP Mounting Articulator available. This Versatile Combo Typodont - Model used for Teeth Extraction Practicing Training, Calculus Cleaning, Roots Deep Cleaning. All Teeth - Removable, Durable ( long - life ), Reusable, and Can be Used Multiple Times. After Extraction Procedure, the Teeth Roots Recommended Deep in Silicon Glue ( if needed ) to Create Natural Resistance with Next Extraction Procedure. Superior Dental Life-Like Anatomy in comparison to other rooted Typodont - Models. With DP Articulator Can be mounted on Bench, Chair Mount, or Simulator Head.

Replacement Teeth Available: 28 anatomically shaped teeth set mounted on a plastic card held in place with wax. Excellent Typodont - Model, and ideal In Dental Schools for Student Tooth Extraction Procedure Practicing, Training. Replacement set of teeth - optional. With DP Articulator This Typodont Will Fit to any Dental Manikins/Simulators on our web pages.

Model Features, Suitable for: Tooth Extractions, Scaling, Root Planing, Calculus Cleaning. Included: With DP Articulator or Regular articulator ( select when ordering ), Clear Gingiva, Anatomically Rooted 28 Teeth Used in Dental Schools educational programs and practical work students experience training. American-Made, every step in the production of the Dental Manikins