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Salt Lamps Crystal Rock Lamp Release Negative Ions In To The Air And Breathe Easy Resperatory System Respond

Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamp 8-10" Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamp 8-10"

Buyamag INC

Crystal Lamp :

Salt lamps crystal salt Himalayan lamp. For centuries people know about ability of Salt Crystal Rock to improve air qualities by enriching air with " Negative Ions " and ionized air beneficial to humans resperatory system.

Salt crystal rock lamps made from natural crystal salt rock, natural air ionizer. Negative Ions produced by salt crystal lamps effectively, and naturally improve the quality of the air by producing negative ions - the "Vitamins Of The Air". Negative ions can be found in nature, concentrated in air by the billions; on mountain tops, after thunder storms, near water falls, forests, and by the Sea. Negative Ions give the air its invigorating freshness, airborne bacteria free, clean which is so beneficial for humans .

Non-illuminated crystals (cool Salt Crystal, underground Salt Mines) produce Negative Ionizing effect, however the Salt Crystal Lamps which are illuminated from inside with a lamp (warm Salt Crystal) produces and emits a higher number of Negative Ions and delivers a more efficient Ionizing Effect.

Today, the health benefits of Negative Ionizers are well recognized all over the world. While most ionizers on the market are man-made machines, the Salt Crystal Lamps are a beautiful, less costly, maintenance free, natural alternative of Mother Nature's to improve air quality. With time, the Salt Crystal Lamps will not reduce in size, color or shape, and will not loose weight, or their ionizing effect!

Beside Air Ionization and Negative Ions production, Salt lamps Illuminated by a light bulb, also produce a beautiful, pleasant to the eyes, mind, and sole, natural Glow of different colors and shades from orange to yellow. This Light Color Glow and Ionized, Clean, Fresh Air create a special atmosphere of calming meditative balance Speleotherapy Sanatoriume, tranquillity, peace and well - being for humans.

Many people in Europe and Australia are aware of the benefits of negative ions to our health. These negative Ions are essential for our health and well being. The freshness of the air after a thunderstorm, on a mountain top, or by the seaside, are due to the high concentration of negative ions in the air.

On the other hand, the reduced well being one feels in highly polluted areas, cars, factory smog, artificially air conditioned offices, or when certain hot dry wind conditions exist, are usually due to an unduly low negative ion balance (and therefore high proportion of positive ions).

  • Allergy Sufferers... A Salt Crystal Lamp in your vicinity will help your wellness and keep the air around you clean, ionized naturally, and beautifully.
  • Anywhere you want the air quality to be improved or preserved anywhere you want to create a cozy, relaxing, wellness environment anywhere you want to enjoy the beauty of nature.
  • Office workers. A lamp at work can help improve your concentration and refresh you, neutralizing the effects of stress, artificial light and air environment.
  • Massage rooms. A lamp or two in the massage room will greatly enhance and create a natural lionizing calming, wellness environment and will also keep the air fresh.
  • Convalescents. While you recover from an illness, a lamp by your bedside will be a comforting and healthy companion.
  • Office desk, Computer users. Place a Salt Crystal Lamp near your computer to reduce fatigue, counter EMF (electro magnetic pollution) effects from equipment. The lamp will also minimize the effects of all that monitor radiation.
  • Well accepted by Natural Health Practitioners. A Salt Crystal Lamp glowing in your consulting or treating room assists the healing process and adds to a calming environment.
  • Parents, place a comforting Salt Crystal Lamp by your child's bedside. It is a completely safe and lovely night light, and will enhance your child's sleep, keeping the atmosphere clean.
  • Feng Shui fans. A few Salt Crystal Lamps placed at strategic spots will enhance and clear the energy of the room.
  • Meditators. When you repose in peace and quiet, a Salt Crystal lamp near you is known to enhance your meditative experience.
  • Smokers. A few lamps around smoky areas will clear away those lingering smells faster.


This unique Salt Crystal Rock Lamp is made from absolutely natural Salt Crystal Rock accumulated for millions of years in salt mines deep under ground (700 - 800 ft). Steady glow in a stunning and beautiful design. Weighing about 3-4 kilograms, and measuring up to 30 cm in height. These lamps are carefully hand-carved and are unique in shape. None are exactly alike.

The salt crystal lamps are carefully shaped to retain the unique, natural shape and crystal structure of the salt rock. Explosives and standard methods of washing by water vapor are avoided when mining salt crystal rock. Salt crystal rocks of such clear and beautiful colors are rare, only to be found in limited locations in the world


Speleotherapy and Excersize

Speleotherapy Sanatoriums located in European countries: Ukraine, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Armenia, and Asian countries as natural health alternative for respiratory conditions, immune system dysfunction and illnesses.

Speleotherapy Sanatoriums', organized in old, used Salt Crystal Rock mines because of high concentration of Ionized Air, Negative Ions produced by Salt Crystal Rock. Also because of demand from people with respiratory, asthma, allergy and immune deficiency problems.

Local people and people from other countries; France, England, Germany, Italy, Spain..... actively use Speleotherapy as Natural Health Alternative without side effects.

Speleotherapy means, be located in a room or area with a presence of Salt Crystal Rock and breathe with Ionized air , Natural Negative Ions produced through Ionization process by Salt Crystal. People sign up for 20 - 30 days Sanatoria course, and stay 900 to 1500 feet underground ( depend on a Salt Crystal Mine location ) without going to the "top" . All living necessities are provided : food, exercise, sleeping, living quarters. Most people leave home with a Ionizing Salt Lamp to continue a positive result of Speleotherapy they have in Sanatorium.

Salt lamp crystal rock release natural negative ions. At Buyamag inc. you are assured that the lamps you get are from the most reputable mine location known for their benefits and lionizing qualities. Clarity, color, crystal bond, and natural design of these Salt Crystal Rock makes them very attractive as well as beneficial.

Speleotherapy sanatoriums are organized deep under ground and people stay there 24 hours a day, 20 - 30 days and come back up to the ground surface renewed, refreshed with improved respiratory, allergy and immune systems.

  • Our Lamp Produces approximately 500 - 950 Negative Ions per cc.
  • Size ------ Approximately 8" x 14" High.
  • Light Bulb ------ Comes With a 10 watt Bulb. Can accommodate up to 25 watts.
  • Mounted on a Wood Stand.
  • Power ------ 110 volt.
  • 6 Foot Electric Cord
  • Replacement bulbs should be a "candle lamp bulbs" with screw-on base
  • To replace bulb, unscrew the base of the Salt Crystal Lamp and replace the bulb.
The bath salt sold in 3 pounds bag - glass ball on picture - NOT included