Skeleton Model Deluxe With Internal Organs, Muscles Nerves, Ligaments

Skeleton Model Deluxe With Internal Organs, Muscles Nerves, Ligaments

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This Life-Size Deluxe Premier Skeleton with Internal Organs Separating into a total of 41 parts, and identifying some 755 Anatomical Features. Deluxe Premier Anatomy Skeleton is the ultimate instructional and learning-educational tool. Skeletal reproduction have been constructed by hand in natural bone color, using molds cast from actual bone. They are medical grade quality and The Bones are cast from those of a adult Male Specimen. Bones may be displayed and handled freely. Bones are Medical Grade quality and X-Ray Radiopaque Bones. Chrome Stand, Dust Cover and Study Guide Included.

Special Enhancements Include:

Shown Muscles, Nerves, Ligaments, Arteries :

* Muscles, Nerves, Ligaments and Arteries of the Right Shoulder, Elbow, Hand and Wrist and left Hip, Knee, Foot and Ankle 
* Skull with Muscles of Mastication on the left side - perfect for TMJ studies 
* Nerves, including the Cranial Nerves - even the Olfactory Bulb and Optic Chiasm 
* Arteries: including the complete Circle of Willis * Window into the Frontal Sinus * Breakaway Maxilla to access the Paranasal Sinuses * Spine with soft vinyl Discs, which Exhibits a Cervical Laminectomy, a Herniated Lumbar Disc and Lumbar Hemilaminectomy * Male Pelvis, Sagittally sectioned and hinged, Permitting the Right Hip to Swing open through 45�, exposing a Medial View through the Pelvic Bones, Muscles, Rectum, Anus, Bladder, Prostate and Penis

  • Skeleton disarticulates into seven pieces
  • One side of skeleton hand-painted and lettered to show muscle origins and insertions
  • Deluxe medical skull and vertebral column
  • Deluxe brachial plexus, elbow and hand/wrist
  • Deluxe male pelvis hinged and sagittally sectioned so that right hip swings 45�
  • Deluxe hip, knee and foot/ankle
  • Left hip disarticulates with ball and socket joint
  • Organs easily removed for individual study
*X-Ray Radiopaque Bones
*Enhancing this Deluxe Premier Anatomy Skeletal framework are synthetic soft tissues and viscera cast from an expertly prepared cadaver.
*State-of the-art durable materials, Custom formulated to duplicate materials as closely as possible the natural color, weight and texture of human tissues, are used throughout. the bones are even X-Ray Radiopaque!
*Commonly occurring Injuries and Pathologies are incorporated, including a "Bucket Handle" tear in medical Meniscus of the left Knee.

* Brain ------------------------ Two Part, Color-Coded Functional Centers
* Lungs ----------------------- Segmented, Color Coded
* Heart ------------------------ Two Part, Normal
* Liver ------------------------- With Gall Bladder And Ducts
* Pancreas -------------------- Colored
* Spleen ----------------------- Colored
* Kidneys ---------------------- With Suprarenals ( Right Kidney Divides Sigitally )
* Small Intestine -------------- "With Windows" Exposing the Duodenal Junction and Ileocecal Junction
* Colon and Mesentery -------- With " Windows" in Transverse Colon
* Male Genitalia --------------- Bisected to Show Erective Tissue of Penis and Part Urethra
* Right Testicle ---------------- Divides Sagittally

Included: Deluxe Chrome full-frame Rolling Stand, Dust Cover

Size 6' Tall