Skeleton  Model Orthopedic Academy Professional Functional Joints, Ligaments Deluxe

Skeleton Model Orthopedic Academy Professional Functional Joints, Ligaments Deluxe

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X-Ray Radiopaque Bones. Preferred by Medical Professionals for Orthopedic Study Programs and instruction of Students and Patients, because it incorporates All the Soft Tissues Applicable to Orthopedics: Nerves, Arteries, Muscles and Ligaments. This Professional Orthopedic Skeleton Model is used in Medical Schools educational programs by teachers and students for easy understand and learning Human Skeleton & Soft Tissues Structure, function of Joints Ligaments, Injuries and Pathologies. Also used in doctors offices and legal presentations.


  • Deluxe Flexible Vertebral Column with soft vinyl discs, vertebral arteries,
  • Cervical laminectomy, lumbar herniated disc, complete dura, and sacral plexus
  • Deluxe Brachial Plexus on the left side which includes all 14 major shoulder muscles, axillary vein and artery, major nerves of the brachial plexus, plus anterior, medius and posterior scalenus, and serratus muscles
  • Deluxe Elbow on right arm with major muscles, arteries and nerves
  • Deluxe Hand and Wrist on right side with intraosseus muscles, median, ulnar and radial nerves, tendons, ligaments, arteries, and transverse ligament which can be cut to demonstrate carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Deluxe Hip on left side which disarticulates at ball and socket joint capsule, and includes pelvic ligaments, sacral plexus with sciatic nerve, femoral nerve, veins and arteries, and major muscles
  • Deluxe Knee on left side with bucket handle tear in medial meniscus, cruciate and collateral ligaments, patellar tendon, and individual muscles
  • Deluxe Foot and Ankle on left side which in addition to all bones of the foot and ankle includes muscles, nerves, tendons and ligaments.

Size: 5' 6" Tall

Skeleton includes: Chrome full-frame Deluxe Rolling Stand.