Skull Breakaway Maxilla NeuroCranial Studies

Skull Breakaway Maxilla NeuroCranial Studies

NPMP-SO6000 Premier Skull NPMP-SO6000 Premier Skull

Buyamag INC


Academy Skull Painted, Cast from Natural Bone Specimen. Skull with both Styloids, Detailed suture lines, fissures and fossae, Removable calvarium cap for neurocranial studies, Open Window into frontal sinuses, Breakaway maxilla revealing paranasal sinuses, Hinged mandible highlights perfect dentition, Each bone painted a different color for easy identification, Names of bones are hand-lettered. Base Included.


  • Both Styloids
  • Detailed suture lines
  • Fissures and Fossae
  • Removable Calvarium for Neurocranial Studies
  • Open Window into Frontal Sinuses
  • Breakaway Maxilla Revealing Paranasal Sinuses
  • Hinged Mandible Highlights Perfect Dentition
  • Each Bone Painted in Different Colors
  • Base ------------------ Included
  • Life_Size 6.25" x 8.25" x 6.25"