skull  model A23

Skull Model Academy Classic, 3 Part


Buyamag INC


Skull model with muscle origins (red) and insertions (blue) are shown in color on the left side of the skull. Cranial bones and structures are numbered on the right side. This skull identifies over 140 anatomical details. The Calvarium is cut and the Jaw is on springs. Include Sutures, Foramen and Styloid processes. Popular Skull Model in medical schools, students educational programs for easy understand anatomy, pathology and diseases and physiology of Skull and Head area. Used in doctors offices for patience presentations. Used for legal presentations.


  • High-quality Original Casts
  • Dissects into 3 parts
  • Hand-made of hard, unbreakable plastic
  • Include accurate representation of the Fissures, Foramina processes, sutures etc.
  • Can de disassembled into Skull Cap, Base of Skull and Mandible
  • As an option, you can insert a 5-part Brain into the Skull
  • Size:
  • 5.1/2" x 8" x 6"