skull model x-ray opacity

Skull Model With Breakaway Maxilla

Skull With Breakawy Maxilla NPDWSK11 Skull With Breakawy Maxilla NPDWSK11

Buyamag INC


This Life-Size with Breakaway Maxilla, duplicating the Heft, Color, Texture and X-Ray Opacity of Real Bone. Skull of Medical Professional Grade Reproduces.

Skull Feature

  • The Sutures
  • Fossae and Fissures of a real Bone specimen
  • Features a window into the Frontal Sinus, and a Breakaway Maxilla giving access to the Paranasal Sinuses.
  • The Calvaria detaches for Neurocranial Studies, while the Hinged Mandible displays perfect Adult Dentition.
  • Stand Included