skull model

Skull Model Premier Dissected in 18 Parts Painted or Not Painted

Skull Premier Color-Coded NPD-SK18P Skull Premier Color-Coded NPD-SK18P

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Skull 18 parts :

Both skull models ( painted or not painted ) can be Take-Apart, and Dissected 18 individual parts. Modular Skull, Life-size. To expedite student mastery of the shapes, identities and relationships of the bones of the skull.   Two the Same Skulls ( on left pictures ) has one difference - Painted or Not Painted. But they  share same features: snap plugs and  let your students quickly separate our modular skull into its 18 individual elements. This edition of our Premier Modular Skull is molded in Nine distinctive colors. Paired Bones share matching colors. A powerful hands on learning tool. The Skull  then just as quickly snap them back together again — a hands on learning experience guaranteed to reinforce mastery of the interrelationships of the 8 Cranial and 14 Facial Bones which together comprise the Human Skull. The Vomer and Palatine Bones detach as a single element, as do the paired Nasal Bones.