Sleeves (pair)

Sleeves (pair)

KAB-19-104 Sleeves (1 pair) KAB-19-104 Sleeves (1 pair)

Buyamag INC


The Star Dental Film Processor - Day Light Film Developer-Processor takes in-office processing to new heights of simplicity. Completely automatic and able to process two film holders at once, the Star processor has been designed to help increase the efficiency of any dental office. And with just one moving part, the star processor will provide day-in, day-out reliability without complicated maintenance or clean-up.


  • Can be used in manual mode for quick chair - side developing
  • Films stay together for easy identification
  • Develops two full series in just 12 minutes
  • Develops from one to a full series of film
  • Fully automatic on and off operation
  • Holds up to three film holders at one time
  • Includes independently switched developer heater
  • Auto "power-on, power down" drier fan
  • Requires no scheduled maintenance
  • Full 2 year warranty

Used By Dental Practitioners in Dental Offices, Schools educational programs and practicing Pediatric X-Ray Dental Work & students experience training .