periodontal manikin model

Periodontal Hygiene Manikin Model Simulator For Diagnostic Examination Cleaning Practice Training 32 Teeth With Calculus

NPR Periodontal 32 Teeth Hygiene Calculus on Teeth Universal Mount NPR Periodontal 32 Teeth Hygiene Calculus on Teeth Universal Mount

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Periodontal and hygiene practice & training dental manikin - model simulator, complete with Universal Chair Headrest Bench mount.

A hygiene periodontal dental model-manikin & simulator, Life-Size for Dentists students & Dental Assistants Hygienists in the Dental Schools or Office. Functional training manikin, simulate a real patient for students practicing in dentistry schools, colleges, home setting. Promotes teeth cleaning procedural skills, experience in practicing performing hygiene and periodontal diseases diagnostic, examination and treatment techniques.

Manikin for technique practice & training Include: typodont with 32 teeth on screws with artificial black callcus bellow and above soft gingiva line, articulated typodont, universal chair headrest bench mount.

Heavy-Duty universal bench chair headrest mount are made in a high Quality, Stainless- Steel, material. Chair bench mount design with: Universal ball-joint allowing 360 degr. manikin rotation into a variety any comfort practice positions desired. To lock - simply rotate lever 1/4 turn. Model offer you effectively practice complete circle of periodontal and hygiene treatment training with the focus on safety, reliability, timely manor