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Why Use Sphygmomanometer 03-225? Series 03-225 Sphygmomanometer is the best Accurate Blood Pressure Gauge Meter ever been built! This Mercurial Sphygmomanometer Blood Pressure Meter Desk Model, Is the results of extensive research and incorporate only the finest, Most Accurate, Durable Materials available. It is designed to provide Physicians with many years of Accurate, Dependable Blood Pressure Measurements (Systolic and Diastolic) with minimal care and maintenance.

  • Mercury Filled Glass Tube In Easy-To-Read
  • Metal Scale, Calibrated From 0mm. Hg To
  • 300mm. Hg. Minimum Maintenance!
  • ACUMAX Is a Calibrated Cuff With Two Tube
  • Latex Bladder.
  • Cuff Has Size, Index and Range Markings,
  • Artery Indicator Label And Gauge Holder.
  • Compact, Accurate Mercurial In Self-
  • Contained Aluminum Case With Push-button
  • Lock.
  • TEN YEAR Calibration Warranty.
  • Silver Gray Textured Color.
  • The Scale Is Aluminum, Black, Anodized
  • Background With Large White Numbers.
  • Aluminum-Alloy, Lightweight, Strong,
  • Portable Caring Case.
  • Delivers Scientific Precise Accuracy.
  • Weight - 2 1/4 Pounds.
  • WARRANTY! (Under Proper Operation And
  • Storage Conditions).