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Dental Table mount bench stand supplied with pod,ball-joint made of Stainless-Steel. Heavy-Duty Universal Full Floating Streamline Heavy-Duty Ball-Joint rotates a Full 360 degrees. Compatible with any Dental Model, Head Manikin, Typodont. To Lock or Release: simply push the safety Handle, and rotate 1/4 turn.  Made in a High Quality, Stainless Steel Material. The Pole & Ball-Joint allows exact positioning of Dental Model  Manikin, Simulator & Typodont  in any desired position.  Compact size, Light Weight makes this Dental Mount - Stand  perfect for use in Schools for Demonstration or Office Patient presentation. Can be used with any Dental Manikin Simulator or  Typodont with DP Articulator. The Stand made of Clear plastic.  Used in Dental Schools educational programs Clinics, Laboratories or at home, and practical work & students experience training .  American-Made, every step in the production of the Dental  Manikins.  Manikin-Head, model not included