tdp mineral lamp infrared

TDP Lamp Infrared Oversized Head FDA 510K Mineral Formation Plate

Black Coat Mineral Formation Plate Oversized 6.5" Head
CQ-29 Traditional Large Overcize Head Deluxe Large Head CQ-29 Traditional Large Overcize Head Deluxe Large Head

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TDP Infrared mineral lamp with 33 elements mineral coating formation  - Digital Spectrum Technology NATURE'S OWN ENERGY! New Design, More power! The Newly-Designed Digital Spectrum deluxe model, with built-in Microprocessor Board, Oversize Mineral Plate, Timer auto shut-of. It is manufactured in accordance with State of the Art, World High-Tech quality standards.

Unlike conventional infrared lamps and microwave therapeutic device, "FIM Energizer" features a Large Oversize Round Black PLATE, coated with a proprietary MINERAL FORMATION consisting of 33 elements Fe, Se, Mn, Zn, Co, Ni, Cu, Cr and K, IMPORTANT FOR HUMAN BODY. And its Far Infrared Ray ranges from 2-25 microns and 28-34 mw/ in intensity looks like a lamp, but does not deliver any visible light but Far infrared Rays, Mineral Formation.

The TDP Lamp has CE certificate, FDA 510K. It was introduced into Health Clinics, Homes and widely used by Doctors around the world including USA. The CPT Code 97026 can be used by HEALTH INSURANCE for reimbursement as a far infrared lamp for doctors, healthcare and alternative treatment.

Intended to use and emit energy in the infrared spectrum to provide topical heating for the purpose of temporarily elevating local tissue temperature. Intended to use for the temporary relief of minor muscle strain spasm, temporary increase in local circulation where applied, and the relaxation of muscle. Back & Neck, Hip & Leg, Arthritis Bursitis, Muscle Spasms, Shoulder & Arm, Strained Muscles, Sports Injuries, Elbow & Knee Joints.

The electromagnetic waves releases from TDP encounters human body will produce a "empathic effect", resulting in warm and analgesic effect. The exposure will cause blood, vessels to expand, blood flow to accelerate, helps with countering inflammation and swelling. This will promote blood circulation, and the improvement of local tissue nutritional status.

110 volt (European 220 volt available), Quick disconnect for replacing head, 250w, Intensity 28-34 mw/, Auto Power Shut off Timer, Alarm on Treatment Finish, 10" Cord With Ground, 24" Vertical Adjustment And 24" Horizontal Extension, Head Adjusts To Any Direction, Infrared Range Spectrum 2-25 micr/wavelength, Button Power On/Off, Extra safety: two Safety Fuses, 5 legs base.

(One year manufacturing warantee)

Caution, Do not use the Infrared lamps if: High fever, open pulmonary tuberculosis, serious arteriosclerosis, tendency of bleeding, abdominal pain, over the eyes, when body is wet, if pregnant, swollen inflamed area, with hypertension must avoid head application. Keep out of the reach of children