ULV Pesticide Chemical Fumigation Commercial Sprayer Past Control Fogging System Agriculture Portable

ULV Pesticide Chemical Fumigation Commercial Sprayer Past Control Fogging System Agriculture Portable

NPJXECRSM2000 Pesticide Chemical Fogger Portable System 1HP 115V 60Hz NPJXECRSM2000 Pesticide Chemical Fogger Portable System 1HP 115V 60Hz

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Chemical Fogging System :

Temperature Humidity Meter Hydrometer
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ULV Fumigation mobile chemical spray fumigation system design for ULV Pesticide/Chemical fogging, spray propagation past control. This industrial commercial system used in out-door or in-door agriculture industry, greenhouse or anywhere past control needed. System is a sturdy, compact, and enormously powerful unit designed for unmanned application of pesticide, fungicide, or sterilization chemical solutions. It is corrosion resistant and suitable for use in ultra low volume (ULV) chemical application. The simple design provides mobility and ease of use. Humidifier Fogging units are sturdy, compact, enormously powerful, made of heavy-duty selected - to last materials, 300 series stainless steel, and user-friendly. Applications include: interior - large, medium, small scale humidification, evaporative cooling, outdoor - humidification evaporative cooling, and fumigation.

The centrifugal atomization produces billions of tiny, fog-like particles of chemical solution. After the water evaporates, the particle's chemical residue travels through the air until its eventual contact with a surface. Coverage can reach 30,000 square feet per CRSM unit with the aid of HAF fans. Baldor (r) Wash-Down-Duty(tm) Motor Industrial Grade motor for pressurized water use, power-coat Epoxy finish, stainless steel shaft. Designed with castor wheels for easy mobility, portable ease of move and use.

Units have an internal agitation pump to maintain chemical mixtures. The fogging output is factory calibrated at a maximum flow rate of 5 GPH, but it can be recalibrated by the operator for a variety of applications, such as humidification. Arrives Fully Assembled

Include: Float Valve in the water tank for automatic water refill and maintain the water level in the water tank. Four Position Pivoting Fogging Head. Fluid level gauge, On/Off Power Switch. 20 feet long Power Cord with plug. Garden Hose Connection. 1/4 Turn Ball water valve to control GPH ( water gallons per hour ). Capacity up to 32 GPH. Nozzle-Free Atomization. Pivoting Fogging Head. Metering pump, Chemical agitation pump, Intermatic (R) timer control, Garden hose connection, Recycles waste water. Baldor (r) Wash-Down-Duty (tm) Motor Industrial Grade with stainless steel shaft. Rolling castor wheels. Arrives safely packaged, impact protected and fully assembled. Ready for use.

Standard Controls and Features:

Unmanned Operation, 24 Hour Timer Control, large tank lid access, Intermatic (R) timer control, , Pivoting Fogging Head, Garden hose connect. Rolling castor wheels. Fluid level gauge, A 1/4 turn Ball Valve Control flow rates and fogging density output. Metering pump inlet, Timer control, Chemical Agitation pump, Internal Calibration Valve, In-line Strainer with Clear Cap, Lower flow rates are generally used in applications requiring drier fog.

Flow Rate with Related Applications:

Up to 30 GPH - Ag/Horticulture, Evaporative Cooling, Concrete Curing, Mushrooms

Up to 15 GPH - Manufacturing Plant, Wine/Barrel Storage, Wood/Lumber/Paper, Textile, Agriculture

Up to 8 GPH - Mfg Dust/Static, Textile Plant, Tobacco, Produce, Printing Shops

Up to 2 GPH - Odor Control

Baldor (r) Wash-Down-Duty (tm) Motor: Industrial Grade For Pressurized Water Use, Powder-Coat Epoxy Finish, Stainless Steel Shaft



Weight: 130 lb.

Length 25.5 in / 65 cm

Width 21 in / 53 cm

Height 44 in / 112 cm

Approximate Weight: 80 lbs / 36.3 kg

Approximate Shipping Weight: 140 lbs / 60.6 kg

Fogging Head Pivot Angle: 0, 15, 30, 45 degrees

Noise @ 10 ft distance:

3/4 hp units, 74 dB(A)

1/2 hp units, 73 dB(A)

Average Particle Size:

5-10 microns @ low volume

5 ~10 microns @ mid volume

35 microns @ high volume

Tank Capacity: 18 US gal / 68 L

CFM: 3,200

Hardware: 300 Series stainless steel


Endures temperatures from

33F to 160 F

Indoors / outdoors

Humidity to 100% RH

UV stabilized & impact resistant