Upright Heart Arterial Angiogram  Angioplasty Training Simulator

Upright Heart Arterial Angiogram Angioplasty Training Simulator

Buyamag INC


Upright Arterial system, Angiogram Sam Simulator made of Durable clear plastic mounted on a vertical stand, 80% curve in iliac segment represents tortuosity for more challenging over the wire technique, Mahogany stand with sheath port allows for closer visualization while manipulating catheters. Great for office demonstration. Heart Angioplasty Training Simulator is  non replaceable tool in  Cardiovascular Procedures & Techniques Training, Cardiologists Education & Training, Medical Research, Medical Instruments Developing, Design & Pharmaceutical Industry,  used in medical schools by teachers and students in educational programs for easy to learn and understand Human Heart Anatomy Disease and Pathology. Also used in doctors offices for patient presentation, and Legal Presentations. Material: Durable Clear Plastic. Simulator Should last for many years of training. Mounted on unbreakable Base: 24"x14"x0.5"