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Vigor Energizing Chips - VEC Two Biomagnets

Each Box Contains Two Chips
Magnetic therapy VEC Vigor Energizing Chips Magnetic therapy VEC Vigor Energizing Chips

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Build your magnetic personality & performance! ancient wisdom - modern use

Vigor Energizing Chips - VEC,  Set of 2 VEC in the box.

VEC is 2 biomagnets, made with permanent biomagnetic field of Induction on both sides of the unit. VEC combines: ancient wisdom and natural materials.

VEC is light weight, discreet, powerful, hypo allergenic ceramic material coated, optically neutral, washable and durable. Requires no battery, no maintenance.


The best way to increase circulation and blood flow in the capillaries is to Wear VEC set of two, in your pockets or as close as possible to the body, for him and her.

The medical evaluation of your physician is advised at all times. Always consul with a doctor before use any natural remedy. Buyamag inc does not make or imply any medical claims on products described. Do not use magnets if you are fitted with pace maker, Defibrillator or during pregnancy.