Vischeck Strips (pack20)

Vischeck Strips (pack20)

KAB-#I/MAC7009F Vischeck strips (pack 20) KAB-#I/MAC7009F Vischeck strips (pack 20)

Buyamag INC


Quality Control System Designed to provide quality assurance and control over x-ray film Process. Protects patients from unnecessary x-ray exposure. Monitors processor performance. Strips Replacement: sold optional


  • Tells you when to change your chemicals
  • Protects patients from unnecessary x-ray exposure
  • Indicates the optimum point of replacing chemicals
  • Indicates the condition of the user's chemistry
  • Helps in identifying "over temperature" problems
  • Helps in determine whether the film is under or over exposed
  • Helps in determine whether x-ray problems are processor based or the problem lies within the x-ray film it self
  • Ensures the continuous high quality of x-rays
  • Monitors processor performance
Used By Dental Practitioners in Dental Offices, Schools educational programs and practicing Pediatric X-Ray Dental Work & students experience training .