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Woman magnetic period menstruation panties underwear include 24 Biomagnets,1200 gauss each. 8 Biomagnets in the front and 16 Biomagnets in the back area for maximum benefits and results for stomach cramps, and discomfort. Cotton lined. Knit spandex, stretchable and T/C fabric Cotton lining,will help slim down fiqure. Gives the stomach area a sense of comfort and firmness.

Sizes available

Small 24"-28"
Medium 26"- 30"
Large 28"-32"

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Magnetic Panties Underwear should not be used:

During pregnancy.
By women using pacemakers, insulin pumps, transdermal drug delivery
Patches or any other instrument equipped with mechanical & magnetic control.
Magnetic Panties should never be placed over an open wound. This is a non-medical method for the discomfort during menstrual periods. This product should never be used as a substitute for professional medical treatment. Consult a physician for proper medical advise