dental x-ray film viewer box

X-Ray Light Box Film Viewer Versatile Mount

DC Regular Dental X-Ray Film Viewer DC Regular Dental X-Ray Film Viewer

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Dental X - Ray Film Viewer :

Latest design & technology, this Dental X-Ray Film Viewer for Single, Panoramic or CT. Advanced technology. Extremely Light Weight, Portable and the Thinnest in the World 3/4" thick. Also, it is very Versatile: it can be installed on a Wall, Table with a Stand, Vertically or Horizontally, by it self or with the optional mounting Sand Hardware. The 2,000 Candlepower Lamp has a 10,000 hours lifespan, and the wide panel accommodate Intraoral and Panoramic X-Rays. Dental X-Ray Film Viewer is an indispensable device for every Dental Office and Dental Clinic.

Dental X-Ray Film Viewer Features:

Clear and sharp view of x-ray Images, Light weight and portable, Stand - included for table mount, Color - White, Regular size: -12" x 9" x 3/4", Large size: ------- 17" x 12" x 3/4", Versatile Mounting: multiple ways of installations - on the Table or on the Wall, Included: X-Ray Viewer, Stand, 2 Clips X-Ray Film Holders, Power Cord