Qlink Clarus EMF Protection. Qlink Clarus Nimbus EMF Protection.Qlink Clarus EMF Protection. Qlink Clarus EMF Protection. Qlink Clarus EMF Protection. Qlink Clarus EMF Protection. Qlink Clarus EMF Protection.

QLink Clarus Nimbus EMF Protection Products

Healing Laser Light and energy flow. Alternative therapy treatment.
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QLink Pendants
Classic Silver Reverse Side
QLink Pendants
Classic Black $39.99
Sterling Silver $298.00
Brushed Silver $298.00

The QLink Pendants are durable and waterproof, requiring no batteries and no maintenance. They come in two designs: light-weight, bio-compatible, black acrylic, 1.5" across and diamond shaped or 1.125" diameter sterling silver case, either polished or brushed.

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QLink Clarus
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QLink SRT-3 White  


Qlink SRT-3 $99.95
Sleek and chic, with a dual-tone design, this beveled-edge triangle has two distinct sides, each making a unique statement. It can be worn by both men and women as a signature piece, dressed up or down. Designed by internationally acclaimed designer Neville Brody and powered by our next-generation, the result is leading-edge attitude and super-charged power. The Q-Link’s fundamental technology can be understood by imagining a tuning fork that vibrates at a certain pitch. Similarly, the Q-Link’s Sympathetic Resonant Technology™ (SRT™) is tuned to optimize the human energy system through resonance. As it interacts with your biofield, it leads to a rebalancing and restoration according to your individual needs. The QLINK pendant is powered by our next generation SRT 3 technology. 

SRT has proven its effectiveness in a wide range of experiments, including trials at UC Irvine, University of Vienna, and Imperial College London, all of which demonstrated significant effects on living systems. Research highlights:

  • Doctors who tested the Q-Link found that it instantaneously amplified healthy energy states – and decreased energy drains caused by a wide variety of stressors.
  • In brainwave studies (EEG), the Q-Link reduced the harmful effects of EMFs – the fields around computers, cell phones and other devices.
  • World-class athletes reported that the Q-Link improved their mental focus and endurance, giving them a significant competitive edge.
  • In live blood studies, the Q-Link led to greater cellular integrity and more efficient blood oxygenation.

The new Q-Link features next-generation SRT 3, which enables the device to more efficiently resonate life-supporting frequencies in the biofield and activate a more powerful response to stress. Most people will notice heightened energy, quicker effects, and a more rapid return to centered emotional balance.

“Clarus products provide a key to refining nearly every aspect of life, from jet lag to stress and chronic fatigue.”
- Peter Clecak, PhD
University of California, Irvine

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QLink Ally QLink Titanium


Qlink Titanium $239.95

 QLink Titanium Made of Pure Titanium, this beveled-edge triangle has two distinct sides, each making a unique statement. It can be worn by both men and women as a signature piece, dressed up or down. The QLINK Titanium Pendant is powered by our next generation SRT 3 technology. 


In an amped-up world, we are often asked to live with an intensity that drives us to the edge of exhaustion. The Q-Link can be a crucial part of your recharging regimen, since it recharges your energy WHILE you engage your day. When you do have the time to relax or sleep, the Q-Link can enhance your body’s ability to rest deeply. The result? A smooth, steady stream of energy all day. Whether you’re a yoga practitioner or a graphic designer, a stockbroker or a teacher, you need the optimal energy that the Q-Link helps deliver.

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QLink Nimbus SRT-3 Q-Link Nimbus With SRT-3
USB Nimbus $169.95

In an increasingly wireless & stressful modern day world, Nimbus helps create order out of chaos. Representing the latest generation of scientifically validated 'Active' Q-Link SRT products, Nimbus is designed to help clarify and support the users biofield by enhancing the environment in which the user works, lives and otherwise occupies.    Plug Nimbus in to any USB port or hub to effortlessly & instantly generate a 30' omnidirectional radius of SRT-3 you can use to reduce the negative effects of EMF on your body and mind - and enhance your well-being, performance and quality of life. An essential companion to every workstation and perfect for larger home, office, retail environments and other spaces where others can as well benefit. Nimbus is also an ideal compliment to anyone already utilizing a wearable Q-Link SRT product.
Who can benefit from Nimbus? Individuals spending any amount of time in front of a computer, office workers, students or entire classrooms, IT professionals, writers, graphic artists, business people, jet-setting laptop users, teachers, gym members and fitness facilities, and many others. Transports easily for discreet use anywhere. No software required. Backlit Q-Link logo indicates power-up. USB cap removes and stores on unit end while in use.  Optional AC to USB wall adapter allows for discreet use anywhere beyond direct computer plug-in and more centralized placement for targeted coverage. Adapter available in the product gallery and at checkout.
 Casing: Molded Acrylic
Approximate Dimensions:
L: 2 7/8" X W: 1 7/8" X D: 1/2"
Power Draw: 32.8mA @ 5 Volts 
Compliant: Nimbus has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a class B digital device, pursuant to part 15 of the FCC Rules

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QLink ClearWaves QLink ClearWaves
ClearWave Disc
ClearWave2 Disc
ClearWave3 Disc

Time takes on new dimensions when you spend it in a state of balance. And with the QLink ClearWaves with Sympathetic Resonance Technology™ (SRT™), you can.

QLink ClearWave clocks are designed in three levels of power to accommodate room size and the amount of EMF and stress in your environment.

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