TMJ syndrome model

TMJ Model Display Simuator Dysfunction Patient Demonstration Disorder

TMJ Dysfunction

NPKGP12TR11TMJ Temporomandibular Joints Disorder Dysfunction Board NPKGP12TR11TMJ Temporomandibular Joints Disorder Dysfunction Board

Buyamag INC


TMJ model for patient education and simulator display. Temporomandibular joints simulatorot disorder - dysfunction magnetic board demonstrator - utilizes 3 upper jaw inserts to demonstrate normal function, anterior and posterior slide dysfunction with movable meniscus.

Shipped complete with bite splints which repositions lower jaw to normal positions with each insert. Metal base sealed in plastic with magnetized inserts / splints "A" - (anterior slide). "P" - (posterior slide) & "N" - (normal ). All parts are magnetic, and stick to the black base-board.

This TMJ models display a great way to educate your TMD patients on what is going on.  This model also helps demonstrate TM disc disorders as well as solutions that include splint therapy.

Size: 12" x 9"

This is a great tool for dentists or any physical therapist skilled in treating temporomandibular disorders.