Distraction Osteogenesis model

Distraction Osteogenesis Orthodontic Model Appliances

NPAC Distraction Osteogenesis Orthodontic Model NPAC Distraction Osteogenesis Orthodontic Model

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Mandibular Widening by Distraction Osteogenesis A stable non-extraction technique.

Custom distraction appliances.  Custom made for each patient.  Using an innovative application of the Superscrew, Distrax™ takes leading edge technology out of research and into your practice. The original design, smaller size, and superior fit will give you increased patient acceptance and better results.

Bone – Borne for more parallel regenerate. Only hybrid distraction appliances (tooth-borne and bone-borne) produce a parallel regeneration. With the Distrax’s™ unique design, the basal bone is distracted proportionate to the alveolar bone. Thus, it is expected that long-term stability will be greater. The unique features of the Distrax™ provide easy and simple patient use,as well as, precision monitoring by the orthodontist.

Orthodontic Retainer Model features excellent demonstration and teaching tool for Orthodontic Dental Schools and Students who desired to learn, practice Orthodontic Techniques in Dental School, at home, on the go. This techniques a mast foundation of future professional orthodontic practice.