Dental Endodontic Surgical System

Dental Endodontic Surgical System

Endodontic Surgical System

ASE-AEU-26 Endodontic System Dental DTC-2 ASE-AEU-26 Endodontic System Dental DTC-2

Buyamag INC


Delivers Superior World Class State Of The Art Digital Technology & Performance. Microcomputer Controlled. Dependable, Keyboard features a Touch Control Panel, Digital Electronics and Lead Display. User Friendly easy operating programming treatments.


  • Advanced endodontic technology
  • Handpiece calibration
  • Bright, easy-to-read display
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Integrated file library
  • Torque shown accurately in gram-centimeters
  • Auto-Stop-Reverse
  • Five programmable preset buttons
  • Preset options allow single file, file series, or custom file series
  • Powerful brushless 30,000 rpm autoclavable micromotor
  • Upgradeable software
  • Made In USA


Used in Dental Offices, educational programs and practicing Dental Work & students experience training .