Dental Surgical & Implant Endodontic System

Dental Surgical & Implant Endodontic System

Dental Surgical & Implant System

ASE-AEU-7000E-70v Endodontic Surgical Implant System ASE-AEU-7000E-70v Endodontic Surgical Implant System

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Foot Speed Control
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High Performance Implant, Oral Surgery & Endodontic System delivers state-of-the art functions. Delivers Superior World Class State Of The Art Digital Technology & Performance. Microcomputer Controlled. Dependable, Keyboard features a Touch Control Panel, Digital Electronics and Lead Display. User Friendly easy operating programming treatments. Switch between Endo Mode and Implant Mode at the touch of a button. Powerful brushless 40,000 rpm autoclavable micromotor. Variable handpiece ratio selection: 1:5, 1:2, 1:1, 8:1 and 20:1 E-type handpieces. Advanced dynamometer calibration system accurately measures the properties of the micromotor and handpiece prior to use for ratios between: - Implant Mode 16:1 - 32:1, - Endo Mode 4:1 - 16:1. Adjustable torque:

Implant Mode will reach torque up to 60 Ncm, which enables a single, high efficiency 20:1 reduction handpiece (Mont Blanc AHP-85MB) to be used for the complete implant procedure. Endo Mode will reach torque up to 1000 g-cm using 8:1 reduction handpiece. Large, bright, easy-to-read Digital Display. Selectable Auto-Stop function in Implant Mode and Auto-Stop-Reverse in Endo Mode when desired torque setting is reached. Contemporary design with easily cleaned surfaces. Fully integrated, easy-load irrigation pump. Intuitive user interface that features adjustable handpiece ratio, speed, torque, and irrigation flow settings. Six programmable preset buttons for storing and labeling custom settings in memory. Presets may be labeled according to technique-specific preferences. Autoclavable motor holder may be free-standing or mounted to either side of the console. Upgradeable software for a longer return on investment. Includes: AE-70V Multi-function Foot Control with Pump On/Off, Micromotor Direction, Preset Selection, and Torque Cycle buttons. Includes Autoclavable Tubing Set for standard irrigation bags; Optional tubing set accommodates rigid irrigation bottles (PN: AE-23-BOT). Auto-sensing global voltage compatibility. FDA, UL, and CE compliant. Manufactured in the USA.

Used in Dental Offices, educational programs and practicing Dental Work & students experience training .