Endoscopy Simulator Upper GI Manikin

Endoscopy Upper GI Simulator Gastrointestinal ERCP Examination Training Manikin Model Anatomically Correct

Upper GI Endoscopy Training ERCP Simulator

NPEWLM022 Upper GI Endoscopy ERCP Simulator Deluxe-2 NPEWLM022 Upper GI Endoscopy ERCP Simulator Deluxe-2

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Endoscopy simulator upper GI ERCP manikin offers the training practice opportunity of endoscopy gastrointestinal, esophagus examination test practice and training, and acquiring skills and experience in the use of the different fiberscope: in esophagus, stomach, duodenum, and in Vater's papilla.

Anatomically correct, mimic real human upper GI digestive organs stomach diseases examination.

The Stomach and Esophagus made from special material, so it feel, looks and act as a real human stomach esophagus. During the practice - training course handle this simulator as carefully as you would a real human living body.

Esophageal varices, early cancer, gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer are very lifelike and accurate. In order to check whether each part is definitely observed or not, an Indicating Function Control - Included. As the orientation of all these anatomical structures is very realistic and accurate Life-Like.

Indicating function control devise: In order to check whether each Pathological Part is definitely observed or not, an Indicating Function Device is Included. This Devise enables more effective Observation Orientation to be accomplished. The attached Optical Fiber Lead attaches the Fiberscope to the Sensor, and if the Observation using the Fiberscope is done accurately, a lamp will turn on and a buzzer will sound ( observation confirmed ). A “ Clear ” switch can be used to reset the lamps.

This upper endoscopy (Gastroenteroscopy) model simulator is a very useful for Health Professionals, Nurses, Students, Doctor Assistants to get training experience, practice before performing the test & insertion technique on a living body. Up until now, it has been very difficult to acquire ERCP skill with Endoscopy Simulators. This Endoscopy simulator now makes it possible to practice both the "Pushing Method" and the "Stretching Method. During the training course handle this simulator as carefully as you would a human living body.

Endoscopy ERCP Simulator Features:

  • Design with 6 Pathologies, Indicating Locations:
  • Papilla
  • Duodenal ulcer
  • Gastric ulcer
  • Polyps
  • Early Cancer
  • Esophagus Observation
  • Esophagus Varices
  • Optical Fiber Locations
  • Indicating Function Control Device ------- Included.
  • Indicating Function Control Clear Switch - Included
  • Indicating Function Control Lamp --------- Included
  • Indicating Function Control Sound Buzzer - Included
  • Endoscopy Test Training in: Esophagus, Stomach, Duodenum, and Vater's
  • Possible: "Pushing Method" and the "Stretching Method"
  • Endoscope, Scope, Monitor, Feed back Electronic Hardware, Equipment - not Included
  • Made in Japan

Endoscopy ERCP Simulator Technical Specifications:

  • Power: 110V 50/60 Hz
  • Power Adaptor ----------- 1
  • Weight: 20 lb.
  • Carrying / Storage Case with Cover and Locks -- 1
  • Dimensions: 21" × 12" × 9"
  • Made in Japan
  • For Endoscopy Simulator information Call 760-804-1434