sigmoidoscopic colon examination simulator

Sigmoidoscopic Colon Examination Simulator Large Intestine Manikin Model

NPNLF1084UG Colon Examination Model Sigmoidoscopic Simulator NPNLF1084UG Colon Examination Model Sigmoidoscopic Simulator

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Colon examination simulator sigmoidoscopic model features and functions an anatomically correct, highly detailed, accurately modeled Simulator of Large Intestine with Sigmoid Colon, Splenic flexure, Hepatic flexure and the internal structures of the ascending Colon and Cecum. There are a total of 12 Pathological Conditions to diagnose. As the Scope follows the contours of the large intestine, the student must negotiate: the Sigmoid Colon, Splenic Flexure, and Hepatic Flexure before viewing the internal structure of the ascending Colon and Cecum. As the flexible sigmoidoscope is withdrawn, the student can vijualise and identify: benign Sessile, Pedunculated and Hyperplasic Polyps, as well as Cancerous Lesions. This Simulator Model helps determine the diagnosis or study of Human Pathologies in Medical Schools or research labs. In Hospitals, doctor offices for demonstrations. All Manipulative and Photographic Techniques can also be practiced (with additional equipment, not included). This Sigmoidoscopic Simulator been Used for Physician Training Nationwide. Mounted on a solid oak stand complete with lubricant, instruction guide, and hard carrying case. Endoscope, Scope, Monitor, Electronic Hardware, Equipment - not Included

Featured Structures such as:

  • Benign sessile polyp
  • Pedunculated polyp
  • Hyperplastic polyp
  • Cancerous lesions
  • Sigmoid Colon
  • Splenic Flexure
  • Hepatic Flexure
  • Internal Structure of Asending Colon
  • Secum

All 12 Pathologies can be diagnosed.


  • Lubricant
  • Hard Caring case
  • Mounted on baseboard

Weight: 20 lb. (11kg)

Size: 25" x 17"