child primary pedodontic teeth model

Pedodontic Child Caries Cavity With Endodontic Pulp Chamber Primary Dental Models Pulpotomy Canal

NPRD75DP920 Child Pedodontic Typodont 24 Teeth Model NPRD75DP920 Child Pedodontic Typodont 24 Teeth Model

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Child Pedodontic Pracice Model & Teeth :

Pedodontic child dental typodont upper and lower jaw model, with life-like soft silicone material gingivae, full primary melamine teeth dentition which includes the first permanent molars.

Used for pedodontic practice, training, teaching: endodontic treatment, dentistry techniques procedures.

Child typodont compatible with replacement 24 teeth available bellow:

1 Full set 24 replacement teeth for this Typodont model as on picture

2 Endodontic practice Pulpotomy 15 teeth include all options for this Typodont model. Compatible with this model or you have the option to mount the tooth in wax or stone. Anatomical crown, straight root, hollow pulp cavity with the option(s):

Gel: Provides a natural simulation of the pulp material the end-user can remove during their practice procedure.

Painted: pulp canal that is painted red.

The hard density of the crown will create a friction and resistance that provides a realistic simulation for an actual pulpotomy.  If you choose the gel style pulp, you will find the simulation gel feels as natural as the pulp would giving you all of the proper feels during the procedure.  The gel style pulp is also geared towards a ceiling removal. The sensation felt when enlarging the root canal feels like that of natural teeth.

3 Endodontic Caries Cavity Pulpotomy red canal chamber 3 teeth: #B, #F, #K ( gel pulp) 

4 Prepered pedatric 26 teeth compatible with this Typodont model