Magnetic Acupressure Massager 2 Magnets

Magnetic Acupressure Massager 2 Magnets

NPD-Magnetic Pressure Massager NPD-Magnetic Pressure Massager

Buyamag INC


This Magnetic Acupressure Tapping, and Massaging tool for health practitioner or individual. Designed with 2 Massaging Ball Ceramic Magnets 1650 gauss each. Grip the handle and Tap, Press or Roll it over the various parts of the body in different directions. Concentrate on the most hard working Muscle or Muscle Groups, Injured Tendons or Ligaments.

Magnetic Massager Promote Blood Circulation, Muscle Tendons and Ligaments Relaxation, Achieve the Best Results.


  • Two Magnetic Balls - 1650 gauss each
  • 12 Long Handle ( extended )
  • Magnetic Field Penetration --- 1"~2"
  • Easy to use
  • Light Weight