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Supper Rear Earth Magnets Epoxy Coated Magnetic Therapy ( anti-corrosion )

Rear Earth magnet 1.5 x 1\4 Epoxy Coated Rear Earth magnet 1.5 x 1\4 Epoxy Coated

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Epoxy Plated Magnet :

Polarity Identifier Water Pen Magnetic Therapy
Polarity Identifier
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Magnetic therapy Rear Earth Super Strong, High Quality Magnets with Superior Durable Corrosion - Resistant Coating: Epoxy + Nickel + Copper + Nickel 4 - Layer Coating. Super Magnets made from Super Strong, Rare Earth Neodymium Material 25,000 gauss, and able to create super strong magnetic fields for deep penetration and best results. This 4-Layer Coating System delivers the best solution in magnets protection against: corrosion, acidic conditions, moisture, oxygen. Our Polarity Identifier Pencil can help you identify North or South polarity site of Magnets. Click Here for More About Velcro Straps
Click here for More About Polarity Identifier Pencil