Catheterization Simulator Female & Male

Catheterization Simulator Female & Male

NPHEAA26104 Male Catheterization Simulator NPHEAA26104 Male Catheterization Simulator

Buyamag INC

Catheterization Simulator :

Use of this Highly detailed Catheterization Simulators will give Students, Nurses, Healthcare Professionals practical experience & confidence required to perform this basic nursing procedure. This Catheterization Simulators Models used in Medical Schools by teachers & students with educational programs. For easy understand human anatomy and practice Bladder catheterization male and female. Also used in doctors offices and legal presentations. ( Catheter not included )


  • Will allow Students practice and build confidence in locate the uetra easily, and pass a lubricated catheter through into the bladder.
  • Insertion of a lubricated catheter through a external urethra meatus into the bladder with this realistic model.
  • Material - BiolikeTM form a viscoelastic urethra.


Male ------ 9" x 4" x 6"

Female ----- 6" x 4" x 6"