Prostate Pathologies Model

Prostate Pathologies Model

NPG300 Prostate Pathologies Model NPG300 Prostate Pathologies Model

Buyamag INC


This life-size Prostate Pathology model is highly realistic, anatomically correct. Model include six full-size Prostates. One is a normal prostate and five diseased Prostates. This anatomical model of Six Human Prostates used in medical schools educational programs for students easy learn and understand human prostate anatomy, function and pathologies. Also in doctors offices, legal presentations, research and pharmaceuticals labs.


  • Normal Prostate
  • Normal Size Prostate With Hard Nodule bellow Right Lobe Surface
  • Prostate With Enlarged Right Lobe
  • Enlarged Prostate Symmetrical Surface Slight Median Furrow
  • Enlarged Prostate, Hard Nodule Bellow Right Base Surface
  • Enlarged Prostate, Hard Irregular Surface With Seminal Vesicle Involvement
  • Made of Durable Realistic, Quality Materials
  • Key Card Included
  • Mounted on a Base

Size: 9" x 7" x 1"