Skull Brain Model Arteries Nerves Muscles Cervical


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This unique Skull Model Life-Size, like no other Skull Models combine such unprecedented detail! Situated on the Cervical Spine, displays remarkable Features : prominent arteries, colored red, on the left side, and nerves, colored green, on the right. Also present on the left side are the muscles of mastication, while on the right, painted muscle origins (red) and insertions (blue) are identified with hand-lettering. Displayed within the cranial vault are the cranial nerves including the olfactory bulb and optic chiasm, and the arteries which supply the brain, including the complete Circle of Willis. Added special features include a window into the frontal sinus and breakaway maxilla exposing the paranasal sinuses. Two-Part Color-Coded Human Brain: Molded of life-like soft plastic, and life-size, - for a most effective demonstration of the neurocranial relationship. Dividing into hemispheres, and with hand-labeled and color-coded functional centers, key structural features of the brain are identified in the anatomy manual which accompanies the model.


  • Prominent arteries colored red on the left side
  • Nerves colored green on the right side.
  • Muscles of Mastication on the left side
  • Muscle Origins Painted (red) and insertions (blue) are identified with hand-lettering on right side
  • Cranial vault are the Cranial Nerves including the olfactory bulb and optic chiasm
  • Arteries which supply the brain
  • Complete Circle of Willis
  • Window into the Frontal Sinus
  • Breakaway Maxilla exposing the Paranasal Sinuses.
  • Two-Part Color-Coded Human Brain
  • Dividing into hemispheres
  • Hand-labeled and color-coded functional centers,
  • Key structural features of the Brain are identified in the anatomy manual which accompanies the model
  • Movable Jaw
  • Cut Calvarium
  • Stand Included

A must for any serious anatomy program, the Deluxe Medical Skull is furnished with an Anatomy Manual and handsome display base.

Key Manual included, with Structural Anatomical Indentification