acupuncture point-mate acu-locator

Acupuncture Points Locator Point Mate Used By Health Profesional Doctors

Acupuncture Point Locator
Acu-Locator acupuncture Point Locator Point-mate Acu-Locator acupuncture Point Locator Point-mate

Buyamag INC


This Acu-Locator is an irreplaceable tool for Acupuncturists, Naturopath, Chiropractor or other Healthcare Professional for quickly, easy and accurately locate important Acupuncture Points on the Human Body. User - Friendly, Pocket Portable, Professional Point Locator tool. This device does not Treat or Stimulate Points


  • Adjustable Search Sensitivity Control (0 - 10)
  • Point Locator Sound Indicator
  • Point Locator Green LED Light Indicator
  • Powered by 9 Volt Battery (included)
  • Size - 2.3" x 4" x 1"
  • Hand Ground Pole (included)
  • Search Probe (3.5mm jack, included)