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Acupuncture Model Points Meridians Skeletal Structure 25" Deluxe

Acupuncture Points Male Model 25 Inch Acupuncture Points Male Model 25 Inch

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This Deluxe Acupuncture Model Male 25" tall, Includes 69 page Book with. Acupuncture Model Shows 14 Meridians and 360 Acupuncture Points. This Combination Model shows : the Right side shows Muscles and Skeletal Structure. And the Left side shows: Important and Extraordinary Acupuncture Points and Meridians. Acupuncture Model made from durable soft vinyl material.

47 Extra Ordinary Points are also shown. 69 page Book Included with description: Acupuncture Points Meridians Location, Names, and Treatment Indication, Annotated in both English and Chinese.

25" With skeletal/muscle painted $149.99

25" No skeletal/muscle $144.99


Acupuncture Model depicts the 12 Primary Channels, the Eight

Extraordinary ChannExtraordinary Channels and the Para-Spinal "Hwa To" Points on the left side, with "cun" markers for easy evaluation of distances between points. The right side is a Subcutaneous View of the Neural, Circulatory and Muscular Structures. Mounted on a white base

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No Skeletal/Muscles View