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Biomagnetic Cupping Set 18 Cupping Therapy

NPOS Cupping set 18pc Magnetic NPOS Cupping set 18pc Magnetic

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Cupping set 18 piece magnetic cupping is specially design and incorporates several ancient traditional Chinese medicine therapies

These four therapies combined together can produce remarkable results! Magnetic therapy, acupuncture therapy, cupping, cleansing, acupressure. The magnetic needles performing with constant, spring auto-adjusted pressure to the skin and can be easily removed from the center of each cup and easily installed back. So this uniquely designed cupping set can be used like a regular cupping set massager and like magnetic acu - point massager cupping set!

A 18 piece plastic cup set with magnets which also apply a mild acu-pressure to the body. Each set includes 7 red and 8 blue color coded, 0.3" diameter, 1,000 gauss, spring adjustable, 0.3" diameter x 1.7" long, removable magnetic insert probes. These fit the 2" and 1.5" diameter cups. Also includes pistol grip hand pump, extension tube and carrying case.

Samples of Semi-disposable plastic cup inserts, which fit the 2" diameter cups, are included with set and are also available separately.

Set of 18 includes 13 of the 2" diameter cups and 1 each of the 1.8", 1.5", 1.3", and 1" diameter cups

Consult with doctor before use this product or any other products