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Breast Self Examination Simulator Educational Teaching Tool Model

Breast Teaching Tool Set of 6
NPLFSB47346U Breasts Teaching Set Of 6 Self Exam NPLFSB47346U Breasts Teaching Set Of 6 Self Exam

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Breast self examination simulator introduce women health professionals to a new and friendly, interactive Breast self-exam teaching tool for individuals or a group. Simulator contains a Set of 6 Different Soft Breasts Simulators. Each Breast tells a story about breast health!

One breast simulates the feel of a harmful Lump and another simulates the feeling of fibrocystic lumpiness. You will learn: Breasts anatomy, basics about how to feel for breast changes after seeing and feeling each Breast, and reading the simple teaching instructions printed on the back of each Breast. Feels like actual breast tissue. 

This simulator promote early detection of breast cancer in early stages before the disease progress. Each soft Breast Simulator is 7” in diameter. Comes with slipcover and carrying case. Also includes penlight to illuminate non palpable lumps. The 6 Breast Simulators and tote bag are machine washable in cold water, gentle cycle; air dry. It is not possible to determine the exact nature of any tumor strictly by touch.

Although many Breast Lumps are not cancerous, any Lump should be examined by a Health Professional.  With Early detection - through Breast Self - Examination, clinical exams by a healthcare professional, mammography - the chances of surviving breast cancer increase dramatically. 

All women should perform monthly breast self- exam. Women after 40 and older should have a clinical breast exam every year.