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Cupping Set 4 Cupping Therapy

D-C4C Cupping Set of 4 Blue D-C4C Cupping Set of 4 Blue

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Cupping Set differs from other Cupping Set devices, it provides Negative Pressure Release to get rid of rigid soft tissue, drains excess fluid, toxins and help improve local blood circulation. This Finnish Style Cupping Set is made of soft, smooth and squeezable rubber and requires no fire or pumping to enable cupping therapy under a cozy, clean and painless control of pressure level. Read Caution Bellow.

  • 1 extra large size cup, 3 inches dia
  • 1 large size cup, 2.5 inches dia
  • 1 medium size cups, 2 inches dia
  • 1 small size cup, 1.3 inches dia
  • Soft Squeezable Bobber Material
  • Consult with doctor before use this product or any other products. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.