cupping set haci needles

Cupping Set Haci Needles 10 Cupping Set & Magnetic Therapy

Haci Needles Cupping Set Of 10
NPOSCup.Haci.Dlx Needles Cupping Set 10pc NPOSCup.Haci.Dlx Needles Cupping Set 10pc

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Haci cupping combine acu-pressure, bio-magnetic, and cupping therapy in a single synergistic treatment with the Haci Deluxe Cupping Set. These new and improved suction cups feature high quality silicon squeeze bulbs as well as a silicon coating on the lip of the cup for improved comfort. Each cup contains a powerful 0.3" diameter magnet, color-coded red bionorth (-) or blue biosouth (+) that contacts the skin during use. Cups may be used with lotions, oils, or creams to improve suction.
Set of 10 cups includes the following diameter cups: 0.6" (2), 1.2" (4), 1.4" (4)

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