Contoured Expander Orthodontic Model

Deluke Contoured Expander Orthodontic Model Palatal Expansion

NPAC Deluke Contoured Expander Mode NPAC Deluke Contoured Expander Mode

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Deluke simplified palatal expansion orthodontic model. The DeLuke Contoured Expander technique was developed to simplify and improve sutural palatal expansion. A Faster, Simpler, more Comfortable Alternative to Conventional Expanders.

Previous “acrylic bonded” expander installation involved tedious and uncomfortable isolation, etching and sealing steps for anchor teeth. During treatment the gingiva would typically become unacceptably inflamed, and removal of this type of expander was extremely painful.

The DeLuke contoured expander - installs in minutes, requires no teeth preparation, and can be installed in all patients – even those with short, tapering clinical crowns. Root parallel sutural expansion is optimized because of the maximum anchorage achieved from the “cementation caps.” The DCE is comfortable to wear and allows for maintenance of healthy gingiva throughout treatment. The DCE’s bandless design eliminates the need for a band inventory.

1 Correct Anatomical Contour - leaves patients less susceptible to decay while maintaining healthy gingiva.

2 Uniform thickness of Cementation - caps minimally alters patient’s occlusion.

3 Full Enamel Coverage - (100% surface area retention) provides maximum torque control and root parallel expansion, facilitating true orthopedic sutural expansion.

3 Multiple Expander Options - can be incorporated with various size palatal screws, including “V” and spring types.

Orthodontic Retainer Model features excellent demonstration and teaching tool for Orthodontic Dental Schools and Students who desired to learn, practice Orthodontic Techniques in Dental School, at home, on the go. This techniques a mast foundation of future professional orthodontic practice..