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Dental Pneumatic Crown Bridge Remover II Deluxe Kit 14 pc.
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Dental Pneumatic Crown and Bridge Remover II is air pressure activated and breaks cement seals by using short, repeated and low impact force. The Easy Pneumatic Crown and Bridge Remover II is hand-held, attached to high or low pressure air line connections Remove Crowns Bridges is Easy, without Pain, Aggravation, Saves Chair Time, Dentists Hard Work. This Instrument Crown Bridge Removal Kit saving time, economical, user friendly, safe, Maintenance Free. This instrument is designed for easy removal of Crowns and Bridges with out damaged and reusable Permanently cemented Crowns and Bridges removed with out damaged and reusable. Consistent and reliable time after time. High patient acceptance, no shocks to the head-no anesthesia. Quick and easy procedure fingertip control. Maintenance free. Simply attach the Easy Pneumatic remover to low or high speed air line and touch the button. A Control at the Hose Connection makes force adjustment easy. The rapid, repeatable action breaks the seal force on any type of bonding cement. According to Dr. Francis V. Panno, Professor and Division Head of the Department of Restorative Prosthetic Sciences at New York University College of Dentistry, the Easy Crown and Bridge Pneumatic Remover II will break the seal on any type of bonding cement. Elastic cement tend to reseal it self, but the Easy Pneumatic Remover II performance prevents the cement from resealing it self. The operation is Quiet and non-invasive. Dental Crown Bridges Remover is an indispensable device for every Dental Office and Dental Clinic. According to The Dental Advisor-this product rating is: + + + + 1/2 One year manufacturers warranty. Features Used for: Permanent and temporary crowns and bridges regardless of cement type, Maryland bridges, Laboratory posts and cores, Orthodontic brackets and bands Removable appliances stuck at attachment, Multi-unit restoration stuck on working lab model. Advantages: Less chance of tooth fracture than traditional crown and bridge removers, Restorations removed intact and reusable, no porcelain damage, Connect directly to 4/5 or 2/3-hole handpiece connector, OSHA compliance: completely autoclavable, Significantly reduced chair time, Easy of use fingertip control, Uses a controlled and predictable force, Requires no Calibration or Presettings, No drilling or anesthesia necessary, Saves chair time, no assistant needed, Fully sterilizable including dry heat, Maintenance-free, Operates on 30 to 60psi., One year manufacturers warranty, Crown Bridge Remover Kit Includes 14 pc: Crown Bridge remover, Bridge remover tip, Single crown remover tip, Single crown remover contra angled tip, Wrench, Air pressure gauge, Rubber gasket, Instructional Clinical videotape/ CD ROM Carrying Storage case, Flexi-wire Kit Included: Hook tip, Bar, Four Sleeves, Wire Spool