Functioning Torso With Five Body Systems

Functioning Torso With Five Body Systems

N-SA09141M Five Functioning Systems Torso N-SA09141M Five Functioning Systems Torso

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This 3-ft. Functioning Torso Model provides a type of “hands-on” learning experience not available with traditional models. The Torso cavity houses models of five functioning body systems:


  • The Digestive System. Develops ideas about the passage of food. By manipulating the stomach model and listening to the sounds, students make observations about stomach action, digestive juices, and what happens to undigested food.
  • The Circulatory System. Includes a flexible heart that, when squeezed, pumps “blood” through tubes which simulate arteries and veins, allowing students to associate heart action and pulse.
  • The Breathing System. Clearly demonstrates, through manipulation of the “diaphragm,” the movement of air in and out of the lungs
  • The Urinary System. Shows the passage of blood into and out of the kidneys where liquid wastes are removed and how the wastes are disposed of through the urinary tract.
  • The Nervous System. An ingenious demonstration of sensory response (touch, taste, smell, sight, hearing) to stimuli. As appropriate stimulation is provided, response is indicated by a small light flashing on in the brain.
  • A comprehensive, illustrated 76-page teacher’s guide provides teaching strategies and step-by-step procedures.

3-ft Tall, Size: 36" x 17" x 11"

Weight: 12 lbs.