heart double triple bypass model

Heart With Single Double Triple Lima Bilateral IMA Bypass Model

heart with bypass NPDA49 heart with bypass NPDA49

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Heart bypass model with single, double, triple, LIMA or bilateral IMA bypass grafts. Twice the size of a human adult heart to show detail and facilitate study three hinged portals allow full access to heart chambers and valves.

Attached portions of trachea and esophagus demonstrate their relationship to major vessels Unbreakable vinyl model fully rotates on wooden pedestal, or lifts off for pass-around viewing

Boasting no less than 63 cardiac structures, all number-coded and identified in a corresponding key, this lifelike model is renowned for its anatomical detail.

PLUS an accurately scaled brachiocephalic trunk, left common carotid and left subclavian artery, complete with right and left internal thoracic (internal mammary) arteries, PLUS attachable/detachable bypass vessels of flexible tubing in a variety of lengths.

Simply attach tubing with build-in quick connects to model to configure single, double, triple, LIMA or bilateral IMA bypass grafts.

The Heart Model does it all. Size: 7x7x17 inches (18x18x43 cm)