Schwartz Distalizser Orthodontic appliance Model

Maxillary Schwartz Distalizer Orthodontic Appliance Model

NPAC Maxillary Schwartz Distalizser Orthodontic Model NPAC Maxillary Schwartz Distalizser Orthodontic Model

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Schwartz distalizser orthodontic model appliance retainer. This appliance is intended to create space in a crowded dentition in order to allow more room to align the teeth.
This is accomplished by utilizing a screw imbedded in the acrylic plate, which is opened in small increments over a prescribed treatment period using a wire key. As the screw is opened, a split in the acrylic plate widens along the midline causing it to apply pressure laterally against the teeth.

This pressure gradually widens the patient’s arch creating additional space in which to align the teeth. Orthodontic Retainer Model features excellent demonstration and teaching tool for orthodontic dental schools and students who desired to learn, practice orthodontic techniques in dental School, at home, on the go. This techniques a mast foundation of future professional orthodontic practice.