Pendulum Distalizer Orthodontic Model

Pendulum Distalizer Orthodontic Model

NPAC Pendulum Distalizser Orthodontic Model NPAC Pendulum Distalizser Orthodontic Model

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A fixed appliance for the distalization and derotation of the upper first molars, the Pendulum appliance eliminates patient compliance concerns from this treatment objective.

A large Nance type acrylic button is used in conjunction with wire rests that are bonded to the occlusal surface of the bicuspids to provide anchorage.

Helical springs of .032 TMA wire extend from the distal portion of the acrylic button and are fit into lingual sheaths on the first molar bands. The springs are preactivated in the laboratory and, once fit into the sheaths, provide a continuous light pressure for the desired molar distalization. The design is similar to the Pendex pictured below without the expansion screw.

Patients with a birth defect known as a cleft palate require expansion of the anterior portion of the maxillary arch. The Fan Expider addresses this need by placing a hinged device on the posterior segment of the appliance and a expansion screw on the anterior segment. This causes the appliance to open in a “fan” motion with all of the lateral expansion in the anterior region.


Orthodontic Retainer Model features excellent demonstration and teaching tool for Orthodontic Dental Schools and Students who desired to learn, practice Orthodontic Techniques in Dental School, at home, on the go. This techniques a mast foundation of future professional orthodontic practice.