Pregnancy Pelvis, 2-part Deluxe

Pregnancy Pelvis, 2-part Deluxe

GS-515 Pregnancy Pelvis Model GS-515 Pregnancy Pelvis Model

Buyamag INC


This is an excellent Pregnancy Model, life-size, median section through Female Pelvis during the 40th week of pregnancy with a removable fetus to study normal position of child before birth. SagitalView Artwork, percisely illustrates the Internal and External Anatomy of Female Pelvic Organs just prior to delivery. Highly detailed color painted, anatomically correct. Popular model for study and medical programs in schools. Used by students to easily understand functions of Female Reproductive Organs, Urinary System, Pelvic Anatomy. Also used in Doctor's Offices, Medical Schools, Legal Presentations.

Model Size: 18" x 17" x 15"