Spine 29" Spine  Or 18"  Spine Model With Femur Heads

Spine 29" Spine Or 18" Spine Model With Femur Heads

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29" Spine detailed, bendable, life-size, or Spine 18". Ideal for Anatomy teaching Model for students, patients, education by chiropractors, orthopedic surgeons, Medical Schools. Flexible Spine Sodel shows all significant features for each vertebra including: vertebral body, spinous and traverse processes, vertebral notch, and spinal canal. Made with perfection details for easy understand and learn Anatomy. Shows all significant features. Also includes: complete Pelvis, Sacrum, Occipital Bone, and Vertebral Artery, all Spinal Nerves Branches, Femur Heads (18" spine only), Brain Stem, Cerebellum, and Herniated Lumbar Disc. Stand included


  • Constructed with the best available materials and technology, to last!
  • Chrome plated flex tube for super flexibility
  • Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Impact Fatigue-Proof Polyurethane
  • Unequaled Bone Detail
  • Chrome Metal Suspension Stand included