Spine "F" 35" Deluxe Life-sized Adult Spine With Muscles Model

Spine "F" 35" Deluxe Life-sized Adult Spine With Muscles Model

MVC123SP With Stand MVC123SP With Stand

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The best Spine with Muscles Models we have! Highly detailed, durable, bendable, flexible, Superb Quality. Durable soft polyurethane rubber muscles, attached with strong flexible bunge cords for dynamic banding and stretching demonstrations. Excellent anatomical model for teaching, medical schools, health professionals offices, educational programs, and patient demonstration. L4 and L5 shows degeneration in the bones. Iliolumbar, Sacrospinous, Sacrotuberous. Interior & Superior Gemellus, Gluteus Min. & Medius, Cut of Obturator Intimas. Vertebral Body, Spinous and Traverse Processes, Vertebral Notch, and Spinal Canal. Constructed with the best available materials and technology, to last! This Muscle Spine will make the "Complex Bone/Muscle Relationship" to easy to understand and learn. Herniated Disk are interchangeable with the included Normal Disks. Includes these muscles: Periformis Muscle, Faced Syndrome, Medius & Post Scalenus, Brachial Plexus, Sciatic Nerve, Suboccipital Triangle, Rotators, Longi & Breves Muscle, Intertranspinales, Quadratus Lumborum, Lumbar Section Of Multidfidus, Iliacus Muscle. Stand included


  • Complete pelvis, sacrum, occipital bone, and vertebral artery
  • all spinal nerves branches
  • femur heads
  • brain stem
  • cerebellum
  • herniated lumbar disc
  • Chrome plated flex tube for super flexibility
  • Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Impact Fatigue-Proof Polyurethane
  • Chrome Metal Suspension Stand included.
  • Height 35"