Torso Male/Female  With 32 Functional Parts Deluxe

Torso Male/Female With 32 Functional Parts Deluxe

N-Torso 32 parts N-Torso 32 parts

Buyamag INC


This excellent educational Torso Model is fully articulated and highly detailed. Dissects in to 32 parts. Made with precise detail for easy to learn and understand human anatomy. Popular model, in medical schools for educational programs, legal presentations, doctors offices. Painted in lifelike colors of each organ and body part. Easy to disassemble and assemble


  • 3 Removable Vertebrae
  • 3 Spinal Cord Segments
  • Female Breast Plate
  • Head
  • Eyeball
  • 4-Part Brain
  • 2 Half Lungs
  • 2-Part Heart
  • Liver
  • One-half Kidney
  • Duodenum With Pancreas and Spleen
  • 2-Part Stomach, Intestines
  • 4-Part Male Genitalia
  • 2-Part Female Genitalia
  • Removable Fetus
  • Bladder
  • Cover
  • Mounted on Base
  • Key Card Included

Size: 33" Tall, Weight: 30lb.